Embracing Life’s Challenges

I ponder within my thoughts before I begin to write. I thought to myself on being complete because who can define what really matters in life? Can a person single handily be complete by the one whom crosses your path? Perhaps many single handily inspire you to fill life with some sense of belonging? To journey through life with a sense of belonging is a fundamental part of who we are.

My thoughts have travelled onward with an essence of belonging. I’d become paralyzed in a daydream or perhaps reminiscing, hanging on to one of the many things I told myself I don’t really need. It might have otherwise been daydreaming or dreadful memories without recognizing at times what stood in plain view. Staying in the present moment requires corrective action if life were appear to spiral out of norm.

A person can climb a mountain through time travelling only with thought. However to get there you’ll need a visual guide or compass. Mindfulness and mastery at its best requires people or things around us to accomplish great things.

While we journey through life or perhaps walk through great mountain terrains our thoughts, experience, emotions derive from within. We may begin to externally seek things out we ponder through a collective sense of reminiscence, reminders with limitations we set forth; not everything can be given freely; not everything can be taken.

However one may place knowledge towards active willingness to make changes when personal choices hinder quality of life.To acknowledge and understand within ourselves that sometimes facing fears head on can be the hardest task at hand…

While you may pause within yourself, reminisce through time with memories, travel forward with an essence of belonging you may find yourself standing at the bottom of a mountain. A person can admire its beauty from within and external factors at hand. While gazing at this mountain with a sense of sight, you can begin to carry insight. Is this mountain a fresh view for your eyes or is it one you attempted long ago? Does your heart race for the adventure with excitement or does it race with fears you may feel inside?

Who will stand next to you while travelling upwards towards this mountains terrain or does one choose to stand alone to embrace the distance at hand…? Does your heart crave to pave way with others while traveling through the unknown or does one willfully create action within that you can call your own…?

As you may begin to pave way new journeys, new memories or perhaps old memories to guide you through, you begin taking the experience at hand travelling uphill through the mountains terrain. You readily take a stance and face the terrains head on. While barreling forth ahead you may find your thoughts can be self-guided. Are you self-guided or do the pieces at hand provide insight and guild you..?

Setting sight on everything within your path, you move forward to set forth the journey at hand. Motioning forward any direction you can go, carrying pieces of this mountains terrain as you continue to go. All the while you feel the breeze, smelling the crisp air as you travel far. The gentle leaves move within the trees, whisper subtle as can be. The stream ahead may fill your thirst as your internal insight sets in motion.

Follow the light as it settles upon you; build a fire all around you. The ground beneath you carry’s your feet to travel far; the air you breathe becomes your friend by far.

If travelled far with another you may have  discover shared experience. Will this journey become one you embrace with another or one you withstand alone…?

Copyright © 2016

By Marsha Beede

All Rights Reserved

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