The Truth and Lies About Reparative Conversion Therapy; LGBTQ

God bless The Human Rights Campaign. They’ve truly done amazing work and I’m proud to call them an alliance for greater good. It is times like now where we cannot turn our backs and be persuaded to do nothing, ignore circumstances or allow other people whom prey on people’s weaknesses.

Someone I’ve known for years came knocking on my life door, my haven, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ with such disregard for the sake of “Religious Strongholds”; the moment they choose to bind and chant words and assume in some sort of God forbidding wrongdoings that their marriage was somehow more sacred than mine as they choose to place their religious opinion in full throttle after the sacrament of their marriage began.

I’m proud to associate myself with the LGBTQ community; proudly  married, I’m a mother, an aunt, a sister, daughter and friends to many.

While this is my version of truth, there will always be three versions, mine, theirs and the Lord Jesus Christ  himself when others say “I’m not judging you, I’m judging your sin”.

I’m binded by my own truth to say to those who judge us “that’s your God, your religious beliefs and your moral truths. These religious judgements are not mine to own”. The Lord I pray to doesn’t selectively chose words, scriptures or justifications. The Lord, my God doesn’t spread hatred, doesn’t spread fear through false prophets, martyrs of religious human fears and he’s certainly not a bigot.

I personally didn’t fully understand a version of “religious strongholds” till it was placed in plain view, as it was shoved right before my eyes to my love one like she was supposed to be grateful that she was to be saved through emails, text messages, letters, cards, books sent to our home with some twisted love notion saying “we’ll never give up on you, we love you, we will chant in the name of strongholds, the Lord will bind you through our chants and prayers. We’ll rid those demons and bad spirits from you”.

It was during these moments where I reflected for a bit and said to those strongholds “I’m sorry you’re suffering and praying for change in your ways. We will not participate in such chaos”.

I feel sorry for those whom live in so much fear as they were living a spiritual warfare from day-to-day; night-after-night. Saying to them “be prepared to spend the rest of your life praying because that’s your God, that’s not my God. My God loves unconditionally. I’d prefer to live my life content, wrap myself around unconditional love with dignity and with my self-worth.

As these correspondence went on for a while; back and forth. It appeared at times to be never-ending, those words of chaos they choose to justify in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

However the day came again and we found ourselves getting stronger day-by-day waiting for the next  religious stronghold move.

The day arrived where we fought back. What appeared to be beautiful Easter card in a box had inserts of a pamphlets on conversions and reparative therapy and religious books on strongholds lashing out versions of demons possessions in a manner of LGBTQ engagement. In our overwhelming frustrations we thought to burn all of it.

Instead we sent the pamphlets, books on strongholds and their version of bible contents back in the box with an article printed from The Human Rights Campaign with a long list of affiliates in humanity strongly discouraging conversions, reparative therapy.

We drove to the post office, walked into the post office and stood next to the postal worker and said “I need a stamp”. The postman said “you’re going to need more than one stamp”. We responded “that’s fine” as the box filled with strongholds, hatred, fear driven agenda was sent back along with the addition of the Human Rights Campaign Edition on the Dangers of Conversions Therapy.

My partner and I felt this feeling, a weight lifted off our shoulders. It was the first time either of us felt liberated to have done something proactive and establish boundaries rather than sit on our hands and do nothing. However this isn’t going to go away in any conventional way but it’s a start.

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