Word’s from Author about squeal for Parallel Waterfront Part Two “Storm Chaser”

After having writers block for almost a year I realized why it was a struggle. As a writer one must be able to identify with the characters.

If you thought part one was surreal with a cliff hanger you’ll soon know what happened.

Here’s a sneak preview of Parallel Waterfront “Storm Chaser”

Chapter Two

“Scarlett in Russian Roulette”

If you hadn’t read Part One of Parallel Waterfront then you may want too before Part Two comes out.

I’ll be doing a free promo on Amazon for ebook last week of June 2019.

But if you want a paperback copy of Parallel Waterfront you can find it at Barnes and Noble.

Digital Media Arts are brought to you by Jean Rhymoreason Powell https://je-mar.com

Written by Marsha Beede 2019

All rights reserved under copy right infringement laws

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