Parallel Waterfront Part Two “Storm Chaser” Preview… Available Soon!

Parallel Waterfront Part Two “Storm Chaser”


Scarlett in “Russian Roulette”

I never dreamed I’d find myself placed on a psychiatric  hold or committed, nor did I ever find myself in such discomfort from myself. I walked with those from the hospital to the place I’d come to call my second home away from home. As I walked down the hall with a social worker from the hospital and a staff from the unit I’d place myself upon. I turn to look behind and looked back the distance as if the walls we closing upon me. It took me to a place where I became distant from myself and away from my thoughts as if it were an out of body experience. I could feel myself running down a dark hallway towards a dim light. I ran for in which it felt miles away, till I could no longer run. But when I came through I realized I wasn’t alone, time no longer could stand still as I was entering into an elevator accompanied by these two people I’ve come to know. Crystal the social worker turned to me asked “how are you feeling?” I said to her “I don’t know how I am feeling right now.” Crystal nodded and said “I understand, we’ll revisit this question later.”

We rode this elevator up to the fourth floor where the door to the elevator opened. I continued to walk with them as we turned the corner and there I saw was another door. This door was locked from the inside, out. Attached to the wall were a speaker and a buzzer that Crystal pressed down on until a voice came through the speaker and said “may I help you?” Crystal responded by saying “I’m here with Scarlett Practor.” The buzzer went off and Crystal pulled on the door as we entered through the doorway. I walked with crystal into a small room to the left; Crystal shut the door behind us and said “Scarlett would you mind taking a seat at this table?” I looked around at the bare white walls and a small table in one corner of this room, along with three empty chairs. I took a seat at this table and asked Crystal “where’s Jake? I thought he was going to meet us up here?” Crystal responded “Scarlett, Jake went home to grab some of your belongings. He should be back sometime tonight.” I nodded and said “ok”. Crystal handed me a few pamphlets to look over about this place I’d found myself to be, she then turned to me and said “will you be alright if I set outside this room for about ten minutes?” I nodded, said “yes, I’ll be fine.” Crystal responded “ok” and opened the door and shut it behind her.

In those moments I flashed away from myself and my sense of reality. I looked around found myself back home with my closes friend Jenna who I’ve known since the first grade. We were both sitting in the kitchen drinking wine. I’d already been on my third glass of wine, Jenna was on her fourth as she smiled and continued to laugh about things we said. Jenna stood up and said “I’ll be right back, my bladder isn’t agreeing with me right now.” I laughed and said “ok”. I picked up the bottle of wine to pour more into my glass but the bottle was empty. I laughed in that moment stood up and walk to the trash. I dropped the empty bottle into the trash and walked to the fridge. I opened it only to find that we were out of wine, saying to myself “great!” I turned to leave the kitchen and walked into the living room to turn on some music. I pulled out one of my favorite songs from my IPod. I stood there and closed my eyes listening to the sound of music with my head held high. The room began to spin while I stood there; realizing I’d had too much to drink. I went and sat on the couch waiting for Jenna thinking to myself “if Jake were to come home he’d freak out seeing me with Jenna drinking.” Jenna as Jake would say in more words “spelled trouble and when we would hang out, sometimes trouble would surely follow. Jenna was known to be impulsive at times but I didn’t mind, Jenna is my friend. Jenna was also my girl crush up into a few years ago. I never really knew if I had been infatuated or possibly in love with Jenna. I just knew I wanted her in my life.
Jenna came around the corner and sat on the couch next to me still laughing. Jenna apologizes saying “sorry, Laura called me while I was in the bathroom wondering when I might be coming home.” I said to Jenna “what did you tell her?” Jenna responded saying “I told Laura I needed to sober up before I could drive. But then she became angry.” Laura, Jenna’s girlfriend, they’d been together for two years, and Laura didn’t approve of our friendship because Jenna and I had a fling a few years ago before Jenna met Laura. I said to Jenna “was she really mad?” Jenna responded “she is now! I told her I’d be home after we finished our drinks but we had another bottle to go through.” Jenna became hysterical, laughing, saying “then she got mad and hung up on me!” I began to laugh too, saying “I hate to break it to you but we’re out of wine!” Jenna stood back up still laughing as she said “hang on” and went into the kitchen.

A few minutes went by and I heard Jenna yell my name saying “Scarlett, come in here, I want to show you something.” I stood up and walked back into the kitchen where I saw Jenna sitting at the table crying. I said to her “what’s wrong?” Jenna said “will you play a little game with me?” I said to her “what kind of game?” Jenna responded “Russian Roulette.” I froze for a minute before I could respond. I sat next to Jenna and asked “what do you mean?” Jenna reached into her backpack she always lugged around and pulled out a revolver. My heart began to race as sweat began to roll down my face. I looked at the gun and said to Jenna “why do you have a gun?” Jenna responded saying “I don’t know why I bought this, I just felt the need.” Jenna put the gun next to her on the table while her finger was still on the trigger. I asked Jenna “is that thing loaded?” Jenna responded “yes and no.” she went on to say “there is one bullet in the revolver, I often think about life and death, wondering if I would I be better off dead or alive.”

I suddenly felt tapping on my shoulder only to realize I was in the hospital treatment facility. In this same small room I’d been in for some time now. Crystal sat next to me and asked me “where did you go?” I said to Crystal “what do you mean? I’ve been here the whole time.” Crystal pulled out a pen and started writing on this note book she carried around. The door opened once again and the doctor I had met early on during my recovery from the accident…

Parallel Waterfront Part One Available

@Barnes & Noble


Written by
Marsha Beede

© Copyright Protected (2019)

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